The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 58, July 1954 - April, 1955

A Check ist of heses aild
Dissertatiois in exas Jistory
Compiled and edited by CLAUDE ELLI OT T
[The following bibliography is a continuation of the check list
of theses and dissertations in Texas history produced in the Depart-
ment of History of eighteen Texas Graduate Schools and thirty-three
Graduate Schools outside of Texas from 1907 to 1952, the first two
sections of which appeared in the January and April, 1954, numbers
of the Quarterly.]
Origin and History of Dallas College Through the Clough Admin-
istration, 1915-1948. 98 pp.
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas
Illustrations: G. O. Clough; Dallas College; first library; scenes from student life
of Dallas College while located at YWCA; Umphrey Lee; inauguration of Alpha
Sigma Lambda; "Never too late" cartoon by Knott from Dallas Morning News of
September 24, 1935.
Maps: none
Tables: ten tables giving enrollment, income and expenditures, and curricula.
Contents: In this thesis such topics as the following are included: extension work
of Southern Methodist University, 1915-1935; growth and expansion of Dallas
College under the Clough administration. Appendices include: list of students,
1915-1916; obituary of Dr. Henry K. Taylor; biography of Dr. G. O. Clough; copy
of the Midnight Oil of Dallas College for 1940o.
Ed., Bio., 2oth C.
HALL, ANNIE M. - M.A., August, 1935 [226]
The History of Hays County, Texas, xiv+267 pp.
Colorado State College of Education, Greeley, Colorado
Illustrations: buildings, San Marcos; Coronal Institute and Carroll Hall; Southwest
Texas State Teachers College; churches, San Marcos; first telephone directory.
Maps: (1) Mexican grants; (2) community map; (3) schools of Hays County;
(4) railroads and highways.
Tables: population of Hays County, 1850-1930; some early schools of Hays County,
established after the public school law went into effect; Hays County schools, 1934-
1935; scholastic population of Hays County, 1850-1935; schools of San Marcos, Hays
County, Texas, 1929-1935; enrollment in Southwest Texas State Teachers College,
1903-1935; cotton production in Hays County, 188o-1930, 1934 and 1935; Hays
County farms, 1920-1925, 1930-1935; the acreage and valuation of farms of Hays
County, 188o-193o; the total corn, oats, and wheat productions, 1880-1930; assessed
valuation of Hays County, 1878, 1881, 1924-1934; poll tax receipts and motor
vehicle registration for Hays County, 1922-1935; the statistics on livestock raised
in Hays County, 1880-1930; sheep products for Hays County, 1890o-1934; goat
products for Hays County, 189o-1934; carloads handled by the Missouri, Kansas,

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