The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 59, July 1955 - April, 1956

exas Collectio
T is a distinct pleasure for the Texas Collection to be able to
present the following letter to the membership written by
Paul Adams, the newly elected president of the Association.
President Adams has a long record of service to the Association.
He has been a frequent contributor to the Quarterly, a participant
on Annual Meeting programs, and a member of the Executive
Council for more than a decade. He is also a past president of
the San Antonio Historical Association and a former president
of the San Antonio school board. His letter will be of interest to
all members of the Association.
San Antonio, Texas
June 1, 1955
To the Members of The Texas State Historical Association
Dear Fellow-Members:
One of life's finer satisfactions is helping others to share an enjoy-
ment with us. An ardent fisherman likes nothing better than to teach
his friends the fascinating sport of angling. So it is with us who derive
much pleasure from reading, writing, and talking Texas history. We
like to encourage others to enjoy that pleasure, to cultivate an interest
or hobby that is rewarding and enriching.
For every member of the Association there must be ten or more
non-members who would gladly join us if given the opportunity. We
can give them the opportunity simply by telling them how much the
Association means to us-the Quarterly, the books, the annual meeting
in Austin, the interesting and unusual papers and addresses, the
book auction with its fun and excitement, the charming and well
informed people we meet there, and the treasured friendships we
form. Our enthusiasm becomes contagious. If the person with whom
we discuss the matter has any genuine interest in Texas history, even
a slender interest, he is pretty likely to ask for an application form.
The other day a merchant friend of mine machine-gunned ques-
tions at me about Texas flags, a subject that intrigued him after
visiting the National Museum in Mexico City. I put him on the
right track by referring him to our now famous Handbook. I then
told him about the Association, and he promptly requested an
It seems obvious that only people with a sincere interest in Texas
history can be expected to become permanent members. The man or

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