The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 59, July 1955 - April, 1956

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

book. She has her early Oklahoman territorial days memories
to draw on, and she has her days in the cool rain-washed Oregon
valleys to relive. Which shall it be, Mrs. Iliff? Which one of
these shall be the subject of your new book?
The University of Texas
Two Shall Be Born. By Ralston Robinson Price, New York (Van-
tage Press, Inc.), 1954. Pp. 66, with author's biographical
Ralston Robinson Price's novelette has an unusual structure for
a love story. Tommy Tomlin and Josephine Kelly, the hero and
heroine of the brief tale of sixty-six pages, do not actually meet
each other until page sixty-four. Orphaned as children, both
grew up in the Southwest. Each learns as a child, of the other's
misfortune, and each, for some strange reason, feels drawn to
the other. The plot of the book consists of loose biographies of
the boy and girl. Incidents gradually lead to the final meeting
of the predestined pair in Tucson, Arizona.
The setting of Two Shall Be Born has great charm. The feeling
Price has for Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona is genuine, and
his description of ranching people and life in this part of the
Southwest of the 188o's is authentic and tenderly nostalgic. One
suspects the love story is less important in this book to the author
than his own sentimental journey to the country of his child-
hood and youth.
The University of Texas
Jacobo Sedelmayr, Missionary, Frontiersman, Explorer in Arizona
and Sonora. From Original Manuscript Narratives, 1744-1751.
Translated and annotated by Peter Masten Dunne. Tucson
(Arizona Pioneers' Historical Society. Distributed by Daw-
son's Book Shop, 550 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles 17,
California), 1955. Pp. 82. Illustrations and map. $7.50.
In Arizona, the History of a Frontier State, published by R. K.
Wyllys as recently as 1950, the notice taken of Sedelmayr is brief
in the extreme. This worthy and energetic missionary successor to
Father Kino is now given his due in a handsome publication,


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