The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 59, July 1955 - April, 1956

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NUMBERS of inquiries have come to the office recently con-
cerning the Lone Star Flag of Texas. L. W. Kemp,
authority on the Republic, of 214 Westmoreland, Hous-
ton, has generously contributed the following information:
The first official flag of the Republic of Texas was its naval flag. It
was adopted on April 9, 1836, by David G. Burnet, ad interim Pres-
ident of the Republic, and some members of his cabinet, while they
were guests in the home of Mrs. John Richardson Harris at Harris-
On December lo, 1836, by joint resolution of the Senate and House
of Representatives of the Congress of the Republic of Texas, the action
of the ad interim government was approved and the flag again
The following was copied from the Act [See H. P. N. Gammel
(comp.), The Laws of Texas, 1822-1897, I, 1132] adopting the flag:
Sec. 5. Be it further enacted, That the national flag for the naval service for
the Republic of Texas as adopted by the president at Harrisburg on the ninth day
of April, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, the conformation of which is union blue,
star central, thirteen stripes prolonged, alternate red and white, be, and the same
is hereby ratified and confirmed, and adopted as the future national flag for the
naval service for the Republic of Texas.
Approved, December io, 1836.
On Saturday, April 30, 1955, the sixteenth annual meeting of
the Junior Historians was held in Austin in conjunction with the
fifty-ninth annual meeting of the Association. Five hundred and
eight Junior Historian delegates, sponsors, and friends attended
the meeting. On the morning program scholarly papers were read
by the delegates from the various chapters. Original Indian dances
were performed by the Tribe of Teal Wing Dancers of Junior His-
torian chapter number i39 of Dallas, and members of the Spring
Branch Junior High School in Houston rendered a square dance
number, "The Texas Star." At the luncheon, Dean Harry Ransom
of the University of Texas presented awards totaling about $3oo in
books and prize money to the winners of the annual Junior His-
torian Writing Contest. An afternoon tour conducted for the
youngsters included such historic and interesting places as the O.

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