The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 59, July 1955 - April, 1956

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

A Note oa the karkcr Zexas Iistory Cewter
OFFICIALLY named The Eugene C. Barker Texas History
Center, after the famous Texas historian, this building is
frequently called the Old Library. Built for the Univer-
sity Library in g 91o and used also for administrative offices, it
was presently outgrown and the books transferred to their present
home in 1932. The Old Library was used for some years by the
Department of Fine Arts, then in 1950 remodeled as the Univer-
sity home of Texas and Southwest History. There are treasured
our Texas and Southwest books and archives, there are provided
facilities for the study of our past. There, too, are the headquar-
ters of the Texas State Historical Association, an organization
since its establishment closely connected with the University. This
collection, says the Barker Center Leaflet, was dedicated to locate
on the campus of the University "a corner forever Texas."
The corner-stone of the original building is at the north-east
(East Side)
T. M. Campbell, Governor
Board of Regents
T. S. Henderson, Chairman
G. W. Brackenridge, Vice-chairman
T. B. Greenwood
A. W. Terrell
Hampson Gary
A. W. Fly
W. A. Johnson
W. T. Henry
Cass Gilbert, Architect
James Stewart and Co., Contractors
The present use of the building is set out by a bronze tablet on
the east front, duplicated on the north.
The plan of the building is simple-two rectangles. The larger,
which contains the public rooms of the Center, fronts east on the
Main Building Terrace. The smaller, which was designed mainly
for a bookstack, runs to the west. The east section, reminiscent of


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