The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 59, July 1955 - April, 1956

Book Reviews

Texas in the Confederacy. By Harry McCorry Henderson. San
Antonio (The Naylor Company), 1955. Pp. xvi+166. Index.
The author of Texas in the Confederacy has attempted the
Herculean task of recording each of the Civil War campaigns,
engagements, or skirmishes in which Texas troops participated
ranging from campaigns led by such famed personalities as Terry,
Sibley, Walker, Hood, Waul, et al., to the little known ones who
were company commanders. Along with a listing of the divisions,
battalions, regiments, and companies of Texas infantry, artillery,
and cavalry the author describes in some detail the activities of
the men led by Hood, Sibley, Ross, Green, and Grandbury, as
well as the contributions made by Walker's Division and Debray's
The casual reader may find the book a trifle dull as more than
one-half of its one hundred and sixty-six pages is simply a listing of
fighting organizations and their leaders. The book may fall short
of being an absorbing account of the Civil War, but it is a
veritable mine of information about Texas troops, when, where,
and how they fought. It is made amply clear that wherever the
Texan troops fought they fought well. Sometimes one almost
concludes that the Texans just about had the war won when Gen-
eral Lee broke up their plans by surrendering.
Considerable carelessness is observable throughout the book,
some on the part of the author, more on the part of the printer.
A few annoying errors are the use of "accomplisred" for accom-
plished; "drew" for draw; "Lewis" for Louis (Wigfall) ; "McClen-
nan" for McClellan; "Jeruslem" for Jerusalem; "Chuckamauga"
for Chickamauga; "soliders" for soldiers; "F. N." for T. N.
(Waul); "Kirby-Smith" for E. Kirby Smith; "No" for Not (in
Tale of Men Who Knew Not Fear); "Atachafalaya" for Atchafa-
laya; "Nibletts" for Niblett; "Mansas" for Manassas; "Herbert"
for Hebert and "Johnson" for Johnston. The author cited pages
682-694 in a book which contains only 105 pages. The index refers
to Debray, Ector, Bagby, Gano, Grandbury, Greer, Hardeman,
et al., as colonels. Each was a brigadier-general.
The most serious defect of the book is revealed in the sources
cited, the most frequent citation being from J. B. Polly, A Sol-


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