The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 60, July 1956 - April, 1957

Aook reviews
Texas Treasury Papers: Letters Received in the Treasury De-
partment of the Republic of Texas, 1836-1846. Edited by
Seymour V Connor, with an introduction by L. W. Kemp.
Three volumes, Austin (Texas State Library), 1955. Pp.
x- 1246. Cloth edition, $13.00. Paper covers, $7.50.
These three volumes are a significant addition to the source
material for the history of the Republic of Texas available in
published form, and they perform a two-fold service. In the first
place, many of the documents appearing in print here are being
brought to light for the first time since they were originally
bundled into file packets by clerks in the Treasury Department
more than a century ago. In the second place, publication has
placed these hitherto unknown records, together with others
known only to the few historians fortunate enough to be able to
visit the Texas Archives, in the hands of many persons through-
out the state and nation who are interested in studying the
Republic of Texas.
Long overlooked, or at least insufficiently understood, by his-
torians is the fact that at the heart of the history of the Republic
were the financial struggles of the young government. The
meticulous details of the business-like approach of statesmen of
Sam Houston's day to the problems of putting the government
on its feet are revealed in letter after letter in the Texas Treasury
Papers. These operational minutes open up new vistas for schol-
ars of the period and make possible a clearer re-examination of
older problems.
This work will be valuable to many persons in addition to
serious scholars. An excellent index renders easily accessible the
mass of detailed information contained in the letters. Casual re-
searchers can locate hundreds of names of persons who had
business with the Republic: tax delinquents, of whom there
were many; merchants; minor county officials; army and ranger

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