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Not Now

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 60, July 1956 - April, 1957

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

can never forget his fondness for words, his feeling for literary
construction. Stephenson does not assert, what is undoubted fact,
that Phillips planned to crown his study of the Old South with
a trilogy. Life and Labor in the Old South was the first of the
three proposed volumes. This notion of a balanced, symmetrical
work of large proportions reveals the mind of an ambitious
literary artist, conscious of his powers at maturity. All in all, the
Georgian fares well at Stephenson's judicial hands. His place is
secure, even though, "before Phillips' generation closed, a new
scholarship repudiated racial inferiority and found other account-
ing for the economic, social, and cultural backwardness of non-
white people."
The essay on Fleming shows us a historian who was not quite
"conservative" enough for the public of his beginning days, but
who was taken to be rather too "conservative" by various imme-
diate successors. The thorny problem of W. L. Fleming is coura-
geously and with dexterity explored.
The Essays on Authorities will prove permanently valuable for
students of historiography. "The Southern Avenue to Now" opens
the volume by providing necessary historical backgrounds. It is
a highly capable introduction to a much needed, and most wel-
come volume on special aspects of our American historiography.
The University of Texas
The Territorial Papers of the United States. Volume XXI, The
Territory of Arkansas, 1829-1836. Compiled and edited by
Clarence Edwin Carter. Washington (United States Govern-
ment Printing Office), 1954. Pp. vi+1415. Maps and index.
This is the last of three volumes planned to embrace the terri-
torial papers of Arkansas. The twenty-one volumes published to
date include official papers in the National Archives pertaining
to the Territory Northwest of the River Ohio, the Territory South
of the River Ohio, and the territories of Mississippi, Indiana,
Orleans, Michigan, Illinois, Louisiana-Missouri, Alabama, and
Information about criteria of selection and editorial policy may


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 60, July 1956 - April, 1957. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed April 30, 2016.

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