The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 60, July 1956 - April, 1957

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HE Association, the University of Texas, and the countless
number of persons who were privileged to have known
Dr. Eugene Campbell Barker were deeply saddened by
the announcement of his death on October 22, 1956, at Austin.
Honored and revered by his students and colleagues at the Univer-
sity of Texas for more than half a century, Dr. Barker's personal
and professional character and integrity made him a tower of
strength and inspiration. The personal loss felt by those who knew
Dr. Barker intimately is partially lessened by the realization that
through his lasting contributions to the state and the world of
history and letters the vital influence of his life will continue to
be felt as long as there is a Texas.
Dr. Barker was born near Riverside, Texas, in Walker County,
on November 1o, 1874. Some twenty years later, in 1895, he left
East Texas and came to Austin to begin his long association with
the University of Texas as a student and faculty member. After
receiving the B.A. degree in 1899, he became an instructor in the
department of history and continued to work on the M.A. degree
which was conferred in 19goo. On August 6, 1903, Dr. Barker
married Miss Matilda Weeden, whose quiet graciousness perfectly
complemented the stature of her husband's character. Three years
later, in 1906, Dr. Barker entered the University of Pennsylvania
as a doctoral student and a Harrison fellow in history. While
completing the requirements for the Ph.D. degree, Dr. Barker
was also an Austin Scholar in Harvard in 1907 and 19o8 and an
assistant in history at Radcliffe College.
In 1908 Dr. Barker returned to the University of Texas and
embarked in earnest upon his teaching career. Recognition of his
fine qualities was reflected in his election to the position of chair-
man of the history department in 1911 and his rapid promotion
to the rank of senior professor in 1913.
Classroom duties and administrative obligations did not mark

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