The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 60, July 1956 - April, 1957

VOL. LX APRIL, 1957 No. 4
rhe texas State JRouse
A Study of the AuIldig of the zexas Capitol
'ased ou the RKeports of the Capitol
udi/ding Commissioners
LATE in 1875, ninety delegates met in Austin to write a new,
I post-Reconstruction constitution for Texas. Many difficult
Problems confronted the convention, including the increas-
ing state debt, frontier defense, ousting the remaining radical
officials, and, among the less spectacular needs, public buildings.
The housing need was called to the attention of the convention
on November 1, 1875, when J. R. Fleming of Comanche offered
a resolution requesting the Committee on Public Lands and
Land Office "to consider the propriety of setting apart five million
acres of public domain for the purpose of building a State
Capitol." Several similar proposals were made during the suc-
ceeding days with the amounts of land to be appropriated varying
from one to five million acres. On November 2o, an ordinance
was passed which provided as follows:
Three million acres of the public domain are hereby appropriated
and set apart for the purpose of erecting a new state Capitol and
other necessary public buildings at the seat of government, said lands
1Report of the Capitol Building Commissioners to the Governor of Texas, Janu-
ary z, 1883 (Austin, 1883), 3.

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