The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 60, July 1956 - April, 1957

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Ikaqural Address on /etracim the
Chis lhotm rail *
We are grateful to the Texas State Historical Association for
sponsoring this historic trip. It is a privilege to join Mayor
Kuykendall of San Antonio, and other city and state officials, in
welcoming all of you here to the Alamo this morning, and of
extending greetings through you, to our friends and neighbors
up through the "Heart of Texas," and along the old trails of the
past, which are now beautiful highways and thoroughfares of
convenience and progress worthy of our pioneers of the old days,
who laid the foundations for modern Texas.
It is our hope that each of you will find pleasure on this
journey. We should often recall, and never forget, the obliga-
tions we owe to the heroes of the Alamo, who, here on this very
spot, gave their "all" that Texas might be free, and that her
people might enjoy those great liberties, blessings, and oppor-
tunities which are ours at the present time. It is fitting that this
trip of memories and appreciation should start from this sacred
In recalling the sacrifices of those who died here in the Alamo
we, at the same time, remember those other patriotic and pioneer
citizens, and particularly the old trail drivers of Texas, who soon
thereafter took up the battle to safeguard and extend those lib-
erties and blessings won at the Alamo, and to develop and pro-
*Remarks by former Attorney General Robert Lee Bobbitt, of San Antonio, in
front of the Alamo and at the start of the caravan trip by members of the Texas
State Historical Association, the Old Trail Drivers, and Daughters and Wives of the
Old Trail Drivers on May 1, 1956, "up the Chisholm Trail" to Red River, Okla-
homa, and Kansas.

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