The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 61, July 1957 - April, 1958

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Cate#dar of the letters of Atohio iartimez,
Last Spanish jorerwor of etas, 1817-1822
Translated and edited by VIRGINIA H. TAYLOR
[The following calendar is a continuation of the letters of Antonio
Martinez, last Spanish governor of Texas, 1817-1822. The first sections
appeared in the January, 1956, and succeeding numbers of the
No. 6o0 Bexar, October 6, 1819
Transmitting the original report sent by Lieutenant Colonel D.
Ygnacio Perez from Las Bisnagas
Stating that he is ordering the lieutenant colonel to keep the troops
that Ramirez took until he succeeds in attacking Nacogdoches, and
then if there is no risk, to allow Ramirez to return with forty men;
stating that also he is ordering the lieutenant colonel, by virtue of
his explanations, to continue from Nacogdoches and make a thorough
reconnaissance of all the neutral country, and to attempt an attack
on the Indians on his return
Reporting that the soldiers who came from Coahuila and Colonia
have remained in the capital, that all of them have become ill, and
that the division did not take their poor animals because they were
useless; stating that if Lieutenant Colonel Perez should need rein-
forcements or provisions they could not be furnished because he
[the governor] now has only seventy loads of flour and a small
party of infantry, many of whom are ill
No. 6o2 Bexar, October 9, 1819
Reporting that no special incident has occurred in the province
since the first of October
No. 603 B6xar, October 1o, 1819
Transmitting the petition of the mail carriers of the company of
Rio Grande who say that their complaints are neither heard nor
heeded in that presidio; stating that he has nothing to do with the
said company but that he thinks these men perform a dangerous
service and deserve to have their petitions presented for the com-
mandant general's consideration

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