The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 61, July 1957 - April, 1958

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

side is shown by a letter to his son from Monterrey in 1864
while visiting the Morrell family. He wrote that "There is a
fat boy baby just commencing to walk who is the delight of
the whole family. In the yard there is considerable shrubbery
and they are all so kind and good that if one of the birds that
hatch little ones is missing, all the family feel the loss of the
little bird."
The whole is the story of a man with singleness of purpose,
shrewd, self reliant, ruthless in achieving his goal, another chapter
in the pioneer history of the Southwest. The format of the book
is excellent, an illustration of fine printing. Every Texas collector
should strive to get a copy. CLAUDE ELLIOTT
Southwest Texas State Teachers College
Texas Treasury Papers: Letters Received in the Treasury Depart-
ment of the Republic of Texas, 1836-1846. Volume IV, Sup-
plement and Letters Received from the Military Depart-
ments. Edited by Virginia H. Taylor, assisted by Mrs. B.
Brandt, with an introduction by Louis W. Kemp. Austin
(Texas State Library), 1956. Pp. [vi]+27o+[19]. $6.00.
This volume is a continuation of three previous ones edited by
Dr. Seymour V. Connor, former state archivist (reviewed in the
Quarterly for July, 1956). The current volume done under the
editorship of Virginia H. Taylor, the present archivist, consists
of letters which were uncovered after the first three volumes
had been issued and also of letters received by the Texas Treasury
from the Military Department.
The current volume follows the style and format of the former
work and upholds the fine standards of careful scholarship and
exactness of the original volumes.
A real and lasting service has again been performed for Texas
The University of Texas
The First Thirty Years. By Ruth Horn Andrews. Lubbock (The
Texas Tech Press), 1956. Pp. vii+332. $5.00.
Ruth Horn Andrews has told in a direct and simple style, remin-
iscent at times of a well written college catalogue, the story of


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