The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 61, July 1957 - April, 1958

e ams Collectioi
HE $1,000 Summerfield G. Roberts Award was presented
to Dr. Pat Ireland Nixon, Association fellow and ex-
ecutive council member from San Antonio, at the
annual luncheon of the Sons of the Republic of Texas held in
Houston on April 6, 1957. The Roberts Award is presented
annually to the author of the manuscript which best portrays
the spirit of the men and women who founded the Republic
of Texas.
The winning book, The Early Nixons of Texas, is the most re-
cent publication written by the former president of the Asso-
ciation. Other works have been A Century of Medicine in San
Antonio (1936); The Medical Story of Early Texas, 1528-1853
(1946) ; and A History of the Texas Medical Association, 1853-
1953 (1953) -
The Sons of the Republic of Texas will sponsor the Summer-
field G. Roberts Award in literature again this year. The book
or manuscript must pertain to the Republic of Texas events
and personalities and must be published between January 1
and December 31, 1957. There is no word limit, and the manu-
script may be fiction, non-fiction, poems, essays, short stories,
novels, or biography. The authors do not have to be residents
of Texas, neither do the publishers.
Judges this year will be the last three winners of the award-
Dr. Llerena B. Friend, Box 7616, University Station, Austin;
Mrs. Bessie Lee Fitzhugh, Box 1o92, Route 9, Waco; and Dr.
Pat I. Nixon, 1o22 Medical Arts Building, San Antonio. A copy
of each entry must be sent to each judge before December 31,
1957. No entries will be returned.
Joe B. Frantz calls attention that under the display heading
of "The Lone Star State" the London Times for September 28,
1956, carried a highly appreciative review of Thomas W. Streeter's
Bibliography of Texas, 1795-1845, Part I. The splendid conclu-

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