The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 61, July 1957 - April, 1958

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A Political History of the Texas Republic, 1836-1845. By Stanley
Siegel. Austin (University of Texas Press), 1956. Pp. xiv+
281. Map, illustrations, bibliography, and index. $5.00.
Interest in the spunky little-big Republic of Texas has been
growing for a decade, and this volume will be welcomed by all
who share that interest. In the earlier twentieth century, a reader
satisfied his curiosity about the pre-statehood period with such
incidental glimpses of men and measures as were included in gen-
eral histories of the region. Then competent scholars began dig-
ging into various aspects of the social and economic develop-
ments of the decade of the Republic and publishing monographic
material. In the 1940's came Joseph Schmitz's Texan Statecraft
(San Antonio, 1941), a clear account of Texas among the nations,
and William Ransom Hogan's Texas Republic: A Social and Eco-
nomic History (Norman, 1946), as sound and delightful a book
as has ever been written on a Texas theme.
But the story of the always noisy and sometimes important
politicos, who created a nation and then shepherded it into the
United States, while quarrelling lustily among themselves, was
nowhere available in a single volume. True, the biographies of
the principal political figures contain a good part of this story,
normally from the point of view of the subject; but no one had set
his hand to recording, analyzing, and evaluating these ten years
of overlapping crises.
Now comes Stanley Siegel of the University of Houston, with
no axe to grind, no cause to vindicate, no entangling alliances
with actors in the story. Born in New Jersey, educated in Penn-
sylvania and Maryland, his interest in Texas history seems to date
from his arrival at the Rice Institute as a graduate student about
1950. He has no inherited attitudes toward the men who dom-
inated Texas politics more than a century ago. To him a public
figure was not someone that grandfather thought well (or ill) of;

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