The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 62, July 1958 - April, 1959

The constitution of the Association provides that "members who show,
by published work, special aptitude for historical investigation may become
Fellows.... The number of Fellows shall never exceed sixty."
The present list of Fellows is as follows:

Acheson, Mr. Sam
Adams, Mr. Paul
Asbury, Prof. S. E.
Biesele, Prof. R. L.
Carroll, Prof. H. Bailey
Clark, Prof. J. L.
Connor, Dr. Seymour
Cotten, Mr. Fred R.
Dobie, Prof. J. Frank
Duncan, Mrs. Merle
Dunn, Dr. William Edward
Elliott, Dr. Claude
Emmett, Mr. Chris
FitzSimon, Bishop Lawrence J.
Frants, Dr. Joe B.
Friend, Dr. Llerena B.

Gambrell, Prof. Herbert P.
Gard, Mr. Wayne
Garrett, Dr. Kathryn
Geiser, Prof. S. W.
Greer, Dr. James K.
Haggard, Dr. J. Villasana
Haley, Mr. J. Evetts
Hogan, Prof. William R.
Holbrook, Mrs. Abigail C.
Holden, Prof. W. C.
Lathrop, Dr. Barnes F.
McCaleb, Dr. Walter F.
McGregor, Mr. Stuart
Nixon, Dr. P. I.
Pool, Dr. William C.
Potts, Dr. C. S.

Powell, Dr. Anna
Ransom, Prof. Harry H.
Raymond, Dr. Dora Neill
Richardson, Prof. Rupert N.
Schmitz, Rev. Joseph
Schoen, Dr. Harold
Sheffy, Prof. L. F.
Sonnichsen, Mr. C. L.
Steen, Dr. Ralph
Streeter, Mr. Thomas W.
Villavaso, Mrs. Ethel Rather
Wallace, Prof. Ernest
Webb, Prof. W. P.
Williams, Dr. Amelia
Winkler, Mr. Ernest Wm.
Wrather, Mr. W. E.

-Ilomorary ife U , ebers
The constitution provides that "persons who have rendered eminent
service to Texas or to the Association may be elected Honorary Life Mem-
bers by the Executive Council." Honorary Life Membership is the highest
honor which can be conferred by the Association.
The present Honorary Life Members are:

Beazley, Miss Julia

Hoblitzelle, Mr. Karl
McCaleb, Mr. Walter F.

Nixon, Dr. P. I.

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 62, July 1958 - April, 1959. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed February 6, 2016.