The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 62, July 1958 - April, 1959


k'ook Notes
The American Indian in Graduate Studies: A Bibliography
of Theses and Dissertations, compiled by Frederick J. Dockstader
and published by the Museum of The American Indian Heye
Foundation, provides a much needed guide to the monumental
research that has been done in thesis form on the American In-
dian. Employing the checklist device, which has proved so suc-
cessful in the Association's 1955 publications on theses in Texas
history, Dockstader's bibliography represents approximately 75
per cent coverage of the work that was done on the American
Indian in colleges and universities in Canada, the United States,
and Mexico between 189o and 1955. Entries are not limited
solely to studies in anthropology but include the other academic
disciplines as well, which will prove particularly useful for per-
sons engaged in historical research. Of the 203 schools that sub-
mitted selections, 19 are Texas colleges and universities, which
account for 223 of the 3684 titles listed.
Kate Tarkington, the author of Rex Goes to the Rodeo, was
born and reared in the cattle country south of Hallettsville,
Texas. This book is a well-done juvenile produced for the Naylor
Company, San Antonio.

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