The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 62, July 1958 - April, 1959

SustaiHing Ri ebers

Sustaining Members contribute to the work
payable, if desired, over a period of five years.

,Cate, Mr. Henry H.
Dahl, Mr. George L.
De Montel, Mr. E. C.
Forbes, Mr. Douglas W.
Greer, Mr. George J.
Hager, Mr. Dilworth S.

Hayes, Mr. William Z.
Hutcheson, Mr. Palmer
McCarty, Mr. Justin
Montgomery, Mr. P. O'B.
Moseley, Mr. J. A. R.
Moss, Mr. H. S.
Overton, Mr. W. W., Jr.

of the Association $250,
Ray, Mr. DeWitt T.
Read, Mr. Ben F.
Shepherd, Mr. James L., Jr.
Suman, Mr. John R.
Warren, Mr. Guy I.
Wilson, Mr. W. D.

American Liberty Oil Company

Houston Post

Patrons contribute to the work of the Association $500 or more, payable
if desired, over a period of five years.

,Bond, Mr. Roland S.
Burrus, Mr. Jack P.
Byrd, Mr. D. Harold
Carpenter, Mr. John W.
,Clayton, Mr. W. L.
,Cothrum, Mr. W. H.
Dealey, Mr. Ted
-Denman, Mr. LeRoy
Florence, Mr. Fred F.
Frost, Mr. Jack
George, Mr. R. B.
,Germany, Mr. E. B.
Gray, Mr. James F.
Hexter, Mr. Louis J.
Hoblitselle, Mr. Karl
Hulcy, Mr. D. A.
.Jackson, Mr. J. Paul

Knight, Mr. Thos. A.
Lang, Mr. Sylvan
Luse, Mr. William P.
Mann, Mr. Gerald C.
Marcus, Mr. H. Stanley
Meadows, Mr. A. H.
Morten, Mr. Winfield
Murchison, Mr. C. W.
Murray, Mr. J. Fulton
Murray, Mr. Owen M.
Nixon, Dr. P. I.
Reynolds, Mr. Raymond D.
Roberts, Mr. Summerfield G.
Rupe, Mr. D. Gordon, Jr.
Sailer, Mr. Wm. A.
Seeger, Dr. S. J.

Simmons, Mr. J. W.
Stark, Mr. H. J. L.
Stoddard, Mr. J. B.
Thompson, Mr. Joe C.
Volk, Mr. Harold F.
Volk, Mr. Leonard W., II
Warren, Mrs. David M.
Warren, Mr. David M., Jr.
Warren, Mrs. David M., Jr.
Warren, Miss Janet Lynne
Warren, Mr. Randolph J.
Warren, Miss Stephanie Anne
Webb, Mr. W. P.
Weisberg, Mr. Alex F.
Woodward, Mr. Dudley K.
Wooley, Mr. B. L.
Wrather, Mr. W. E.

Byrd-Frost, Inc.
Byrd & Frost Partnership
Dallas Morning News
Dallas Power and Light Company
Dallas Times-Herald
Employers Casualty Company
Fidelity Union Life Insurance Company
First National Bank of Panhandle
A. Harris and Company
Hart Furniture Company
Hobby Foundation
Hoblitzelle Holding Corporation
Houston Chronicle
Houston Oil Company
Interstate Circuit, Inc.

Lone Star Gas Company
Neiman-Marcus Company
Panhandle State Bank of Borger
Pollock Paper and Box Company
Republic National Bank of Dallas
Republic Natural Gas Company
Reynolds-Penland Company
San Antonio Transit Company
Sanger Brothers, Inc.
Southern Steel Company
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
Southwestern Life Insurance Company
Texas Employers Insurance Association
Texas Harte-Hanks Newspapers, Inc.
Texas Power and Light Company
Kan Flour Mills

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