The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 62, July 1958 - April, 1959

rte Zexas Road to Secession
aiid War
bh Aarshall and the rexas State Gazette
THE FIRST NEWSPAPER to be established in Austin was the
Austin City Gazette in 1839, published by Samuel Whit-
ing and edited by George K. Teulon.' Neither the city
of Austin nor the Gazette was successful as trouble mounted south-
ward. In 1842, because of the threatened Mexican invasion of
Texas, the capitol was moved to Houston, and the Gazette was
forced to cease publication with the dwindling of the Austin
Volume I, Number 1, of the Texas State Gazette appeared on
Saturday, August 25, 1849, published by William H. Cushney
and edited by Robert C. Matthewson. The paper had eight pages,
each with three wide columns, and the pages of each issue were
numbered consecutively. The editor in the first issue stated that
the Gazette "in politics, will be thoroughly democratic."2 The
paper took over the old office of the defunct Texas Democrat, of
which Cushney had been co-publisher. Matthewson, an attorney
and counselor at law, had practiced in Fannin and Lamar coun-
ties. He concluded his association with the Gazette with the Jan-
uary 12, 1850, issue because, as he stated in his valedictory, "The
views of the publisher and his own do not happen to coincide."3
Cushney continued as editor and publisher for the remainder
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