The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 62, July 1958 - April, 1959

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Acouit of the fouaey of ffigard de la hlarpe
Discovery Made by iim of Several Vatios
Situated i the West
Translated and annotated by RALPH A. SMITH
[The following is a continuation of the account of the journey
of Benard de la Harpe (z718-1720), the first section of which
appeared in the July, 1958, Quarterly.]
The 6th, we departed from Natchitoches and made the way to
the north, we found strong water falls by a short cut, which is a
stream on the left; it is three-quarters of a league distant from
Natchitoches; it lies to the southeast and northwest.
The 7th, we continued to advance in the bayou, where we
found the waters very rapid and many obstructions of timber.
At eleven o'clock we entered into the principal branch of the
river, upon which we traveled until evening, when we passed the
night, on a beautiful piece of ground situated two leagues from
Natchitoches. We left on the same side a small Yatay [Yatasi]
village, which is situated one league from the small island of the
Natchitoches by land.
The 8th, after having advanced for a quarter of a league to the
north, in a very big current, through very difficult log jams, we
entered into a lake which follows the bluffs, which are on the left;
the land there is very fine. We camped there at two o'clock in the
afternoon, after having made two leagues to the west-northwest,
to which point of the compass lies the big lake.
The 9th, we continued to advance on the same lake to the
north-northwest a league and a half; after that, we entered into a
passage between some willows and cypress, and we made a quarter
of a league to the northwest; then afterwards we happened into
a lake, which is two leagues long; which runs to the northwest.
We left out of it through the northwest end; we entered after-
wards into a passage, between some willows, which veers several


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