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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 62, July 1958 - April, 1959

WALTER E. LONG, "B Hall of Texas," received the A.B. and
M.A. degrees from Austin College, in Sherman, and the LL.B.
degree from the University of Texas. As the manager of the Aus-
tin Chamber of Commerce for thirty-five years, and supervisor
of the Texas Legislative Service for most of this same period, he
developed a zealous and perceptive interest in Texas local history.
He has been particularly active in the preservation of pictorial
history, serving as special consultant on such motion pictures as
"The Thundering Herd" and "North of 36," and producing
filmed histories of fourteen Central Texas counties for showing
prior to the Texas Centennial. His writing for the periodical press
fills some twenty-five large scrapbooks, and his book, From Flood
to Faucet (1956), has been acclaimed a fine contribution to the
history of Austin and the Colorado River.
JOSEPH S. GALLEGLY, "The Renaissance of the Galveston Thea-
tre: Henry Greenwall's First Season, 1867-1868," is an associate
professor of English at Rice Institute in Houston. Educated at
the University of Chicago and Harvard University, he has worked
for several years in the field of the dramatic arts in Texas. His
periodical writing has primarily concerned historical studies of
Edwin Booth and O. Henry, plus numerous fictional works. In
addition, in 1947 he published The Adventures of Steve Water-
house, a satirical period novel of San Antonio in the 187o's and
188o's. Professor Gallegly has just concluded a comprehensive
study of the stage in Houston and Galveston between 1838 and
JOE E. ERICSON, "Texas Bill of Rights," attended the University
of Texas and received the Ph.D. degree from Texas Technological
College in 1957. Presently an assistant professor of history and
government at Stephen F. Austin State College, he has also taught
at Texas Technological College, West Texas State College, the
University of Texas, and Arlington State College. Other writing

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 62, July 1958 - April, 1959. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 1, 2016.

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