The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 63, July 1959 - April, 1960

Book Reviews

the college had seven presidents and three since. The work of
these men is related in separate chapters, and the author gives
appropriate credit to their work. Ex-students of Blinn Memorial
College and collectors of Texana will not want to be without a
copy of this well-done and richly illustrated work. It will have
its place in the educational history of Texas.
The Camp, the Bivouac, and the Battlefield. By W. L. Gammage.
Introduction by Ted R. Worley. Little Rock (Arkansas
Southern Press), 1958. Pp. viii+15o. Maps, illustrations, and
muster rolls.
Those "casual readers" or students of the Civil War who are
especially interested in the activities of Arkansas and Texas troops
will recognize this little "grayback" as a significant contribution
to their list of printed sources. The author, Dr. Washington
Lafayette Gammage, of Cherokee County, Texas, served as regi-
mental surgeon to the 4th Arkansas Infantry Regiment, Con-
federate States Army. He later became brigade surgeon to
McNair's Brigade which included Gammage's beloved 4th Ar-
kansas. His account of the 4th Arkansas begins with its organiza-
tion in the summer of 1861, and concludes on December lo,
1863, at which time the regiment was bivouacked near Brandon,
Gammage built the book around his journal and published it
in limited edition at Selma, Alabama, in 1864. Apparently issued
without covers, the history became a rare Confederate imprint.
Ted R. Worley, who introduces the reprint, says that in several
years of searching only three copies of Gammage were located.
The 4th Arkansas, mustered from the counties of Hemp-
stead, Montgomery, Lafayette, Calhoun, Polk, and Pike in south-
west Arkansas, distinguished itself at Elkhorn (or Pea Ridge),
Richmond, Kentucky, Murfreesboro, and Chickamauga, in the
battles of the Atlanta campaign, with John B. Hood in Tennessee,
and finally with Joseph E. Johnston in North Carolina.
Gammage included no negative personal criticism or evalua-
tion of commanders. He even spoke highly of Braxton Bragg,
"our gallant old iron-hearted Gen." After Elkhorn he expressed

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