The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 63, July 1959 - April, 1960

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

bitterness at the Confederate defeat which he and "many" be-
lieved was attributable to bad management and not to Generals
Ben McCulloch, McIntosh, or Sterling Price. After the heart-
breaking withdrawal from Kentucky, Gammage wondered why
Confederate forces had gone north in the first place if the Con-
federacy lacked the reserves to sustain them in their bold inva-
sion. He decided that those were "grave questions which better
military men than I have failed to answer satisfactorily, and I
shall not attempt it."
The author attacks the Yankees furiously with Rebel yell and
gallant men at every action, and his prose rings with boom of
shotguns, muskets, and artillery. He makes no attempt, however,
to follow tactics closely, even those of the 4th Arkansas. The
battle account and result are in general terms, spiced with anec-
dotes about the conduct of his men.
Gammage writes with evident warmth of the fraternity be-
tween McNair's Arkansas and Ector's Texas Brigade. These troops,
braced together so many times under fire, exchanged friendly
nicknames, McNair with his "Joshes" and Ector with his "Chubs."
For the medical historian there is some discussion of field hos-
pital activity. Perhaps most significant along this line are the
tables after each action showing killed and wounded, how shot,
and remarks as to death or recovery.
The last forty-three pages are given over to biographical
sketches of Generals McNair and Ector, other officers, and sur-
geons, and to an elaborate muster roll of the 4th Arkansas, show-
ing the record of each soldier down to the date of publication.
Stephen F. Austin State College
Reluctant Empire: The Mind of Texas. By George Fuermann.
New York (Doubleday and Company), 1957. Pp. 70o. Illus-
trations and index. $4.00.
This thoughtful and mature work relentlessly analyzes the
shortcomings of the state of Texas while also providing a rather
modest appraisal of its virtues. George Fuermann, author of
Houston: Land of the Big Rich, has as columnist for the Houston
Post gained experience with and insight into the dissimilar worlds

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