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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 63, July 1959 - April, 1960

KATHERINE HART, "Preserving Old Homes in Texas," attended
Wellesley College, the University of Lyons, and Columbia Uni-
versity, and received the Ph.D. degree from the University of
Texas. In discussing the preservation of historical landmarks,
Mrs. Hart speaks with the authority of an active civic leader as
well as a professional historian. For several years she has been
prominent in municipal affairs, particularly with reference to the
Austin school system, of which she served as a board member
with distinction. Since 1957 she has also served as a research
assistant in the Austin Public Library, where she has made highly
commendable contributions to the development of the excellent
Austin-Travis County Collection.
J. W. WILLIAMS, "Coronado: From the Rio Grande to the Con-
cho," writes with the authority of one of the foremost trail
historians in the Southwest. Presently a member of the Wichita
Falls High School faculty, he has taught in several Texas colleges
and has devoted many years to a careful study of Texas trail
history. He has written widely for periodical publication, and
his The Big Ranch Country (1954) was acclaimed as a fine con-
tribution. Currently he is completing a history of trails in the
Southwest, for which he was awarded a Rockefeller Grant-in-Aid.
Association members recognize him as a dedicated colleague who
has devoted much time and interest to the organization as a
member and an officer of the executive council.
J. J. BOWDEN, "The Texas-New Mexico Boundary Dispute
along the Rio Grande," received B.A. and LL.B. degrees from
the University of Texas and an M.A. degree from Texas Western
College. He began the practice of law in El Paso in 1951, and
since 1953 he has been a member of the El Paso Natural Gas
Company legal staff. Combining historical and legal talents of a
high order, Bowden has long maintained an active interest in the
Spanish and Mexican land grants in El Paso County, Texas. His
unpublished study of the Ascarate Grant is widely recognized as
the definitive statement on the subject.

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