The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 64, July 1960 - April, 1961

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

A Collection of Prioted Miaps of rexas,
1835-1951, Bi the ugeHe C. barker
rexas Ijistory Center
A MONG THE RICH TREASURES of Texas history housed in the
Eugene C. Barker Texas History Center are extensive
collections of maps that have proved invaluable to many
researchers in the past. Unfortunately, this class of source mate-
rial is not so well known as it should be, and numerous persons
have, therefore, not been in a position to make the fullest possible
use of the Barker Center holdings. Accordingly, the writer has
essayed the compilation of several functional check lists of the
map collections, one of which is presented herewith.
The order of the map list had two bases. First, as nearly as
possible, all maps were placed in chronological order; second, all
the maps under each year were alphabetized. Thereafter, the data
in each entry were divided into four parts: (1) the title and the
date Texas resembled the map's depictions-not necessarily the
date the map was published; (2) the publisher; (3) the Univer-
sity of Texas Archives catalog number; and (4) a description
of the map's dimensions, colors, and principal features.
1 Texas, 1835
PUBLISHER: J. H. Colton and Company, New York, New York.
CATALOG NUMBER: M976.405 1835bu.
This aX x i34g inch, six-color map shows rivers, tributaries, towns, and land
grants. It also shows the United States between Texas and the Mississippi River
up to the thirty-eighth parallel, and it shows Coahuila, Tamaulipas, and part of
Nuevo Leon in Mexico.
2 Texas [?]
CATALOG NUMBER: M976.40 1835b.
Such things as land grants, towns, rivers, roads, animals' ranges, and Indian

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