The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 64, July 1960 - April, 1961

Zexas Collection
HE San Antonio Conservation Society, for the fourth sum-
mer, presented the drama of the Alamo, A Cloud of Wit-
nesses, written by Ramsey Yelvington and published by
the University of Texas Press. The production was given in the
intimate outdoor theatre at San Jose Mission. Each night mem-
bers of the San Antonio Conservation Society served Mexican and
early Texian food and the costumed members of the cast inter-
mingled with those in attendance to create the atmosphere of an
early San Antonio de Bexar fiesta.
Edward Clark and Ben Ramsey have presented to the Texas
State Historical Association photostatic copies of Alexander Hor-
ton's original autobiography, the material used in the article,
"Life of A. Horton and Early Settlement of San Augustine
County," in Vol. XIV of the Quarterly. Also they have furnished
typed copies of an unpublished manuscript on the life of Alex-
ander Horton found in the office of the district clerk of San
Augustine County, Texas. An additional statement on Horton
by his daughter emphasizes the outstanding qualities of this
Texian pioneer. She says:
To do good was the controlling motive of his life, and next to his
wife and children, he loved his country. There was no task to great,
that he would not undertake for the grand old state of Texas, anything
which he could do to promote its welfare and interest he was perfectly
willing to do. In all the dark trying and gloomy hours of its first
settlement he was ever at his post ready to defend her, if it were with
his life blood. And what have been the fruits of all his toils? A state
which is an empire within itself covered with thriving cities and
villages; intersected with railroads, abounding with fine schools, farms
and machine shops.
One of Alexander Horton's friends, S. B. Bewley, added some
recollections of the Horton family. This valuable material has

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