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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 64, July 1960 - April, 1961

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Ann, perhaps like Quanah the half-white son of another woman
captured long before.
Among "those who care" about the Brazos, this reviewer is one,
having been born and reared near the middle part of the river
and having also lived for a number of years near Graves's "piece
of the river." For those who care, either about the Brazos or
about some other stream, the book should have an especial appeal,
for "one river, seen right, may well be all rivers that flow to the
sea." The book should likewise appeal to those who feel a nos-
talgic yearning for a childhood place, full of memories and des-
tined soon to disappear, and to those who like to read the stories
of a region-true stories, legends, folk tales, hearsay, and fiction.
Comment would be incomplete without mentioning some out-
standing features of the makeup of the book, including the excel-
lent illustrations by Russell Waterhouse and the typography and
the jacket design by Carl Hertzog. Also, there is a valuable and
interesting map of the upper-middle Brazos area, which indicates
the names of bends, creeks, bridges, knobs and hills, towns and
villages, lakes, and sites of the proposed new dams. Readers to
whom these place-names are familiar will particularly appreciate
and enjoy turning to this map repeatedly.
A bibliography is included, although the author states that the
book does not lay claim to solid scholariness. Since, however, much
in the book did come from the writings of others, he lists the
principal sources of printed material which he used and, in addi-
tion, expresses a general debt of gratitude to persons who have
contributed in any way to his knowledge of the Brazos country.
The University of Texas
Comanche And Kiowa Captives In Oklahoma And Texas. By
Hugh D. Corwin. Guthrie, Oklahoma (Cooperative Publish-
ing Company), 1959. Pp. 237. Illustrations, footnotes, and
index. $3.6o.
The book relates by chapters the capture and experiences of
the following captives: Francesca-Spanish Captives; Maria and
Bill--Matthew Wright Martin; Cynthia Ann Parker; Mo-keen;
Ta-han-Longhorn-Aesnap; Mrs. Hibbons-Moxie; Tomassa-


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