The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 64, July 1960 - April, 1961

Military &ets in rexas Zurig
rhe CMii War, 1861-1865
N THE VOLUMINOUS WRITINGS on the Civil War, little attention
has been given to the military events of the war in the Trans-
Mississippi region, especially the southwestern section of the
United States. Although it cannot be disputed that the eastern
portion of the United States was the battleground of the war, the
numerous military incidents in the West indicate that the Trans-
Mississippi section was of some importance during the Civil War.
The compilation of nearly one hundred military events in more
than sixty different places will help to reveal the extent of the war
in Texas and the Southwest.
The list of military activities in Texas, compiled from the War
of the Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate
Armies and presented herewith, does not include any military
events which are not described in the official documents. The
location of each military event is identified by the type of inci-
dent and the date on which it occurred. Standard military terms
from the Army Regulations and Rules of War of the Confederate
States are used to describe the various types of military activities.
The following definitions of terms will aid the reader in using this
list of military events:
Abandoned: To give over or surrender completely.
Action: Stresses the idea of active, frequently sharp, offensive
and defensive operations.
Affair: A fight.
Attack: Implies aggression or aggressiveness and literally the
initiation of a struggle; opposed to defense; onslaught.
Bombardment: An attack with artillery; to assail vigorously or
Capture: To seize by force or stratagem.
Descent: Incursion; sudden attack; onslaught.

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