The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 65, July 1961 - April, 1962

Book Reviews

These are some of the inaccuracies noted in perusing the book.
Others of less importance were observed, and still others doubt-
less occur, but the total will fall far short of sufficing to detract
materially from its outstanding excellence. It merits wide popular
acceptance, and should long endure through repeated editions.
Many an interested, intelligent, energetic, and persistently pa-
tient, person, it is hoped, will find the use of the key and scientific
descriptions a welcome and invaluable aid in acquiring an un-
derstanding of, and appreciation for, the precision of technical
language. The more languid reader may still get more than his
money's worth in looking through the beautiful and remarkably
accurate paintings, and thus incidentally learning the names of
at least some of the most attractive roadside flowers of Texas.
The University of Texas
State and Local Government in Texas. By Caleb Perry Patterson,
Sam B. McAlister, and George C. Hester. New York (The
Macmillan Company), 1961. Pp. vi+500oo. Illustrations, maps,
tables, bibliography. $5.50.
With a glance at the heading of this review, readers of the
Quarterly may at first raise the question of whether or not the
book should be considered in this publication because the title
being considered seems to be a textbook and as such would not
normally be eligible for a review in this publication. One of the
finest things that may be said about a textbook, however, is that
it is not just a textbook and nothing more. It is because the work
under consideration is so definitely more than a textbook that
it is being reviewed here.
'To most readers of the Quarterly and to many Texans in gen-
eral, the names of the authors: Caleb Perry Patterson, Sam B.
McAlister, and George C. Hester will mean much. Each has dis-
tinguished himself academically, but each has gone beyond that
to distinguish himself in Texas in the role of a public spirited
citizen and civic servant. This book could never have been pro-
duced by academicians alone. It is true that the Legislature of
the State of 'Texas in its wisdom has decreed that any person
taking advantage of facilities offered and paid for by the taxpayers


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