The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 66, July 1962 - April, 1963

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

States Northwest and East of Texas (2) Table of Distances (3) List of Lines
Operated by the above Company and General Officers and Offices. Note: "The exten-
sion of this line from Austin is now completed and opened regularly for business
to Kyle, San Marcos, New Braunfels and San Antonio." Photostat. Scale: i inch-
50 miles. Size: 15 inches x 2os/ inches.
1880 [Texas and Indian Territory] #1503
Map appears in back cover of Reverend Homer S. Thrall, The People's Illustrated
Almanac, Texas Hand-Book and Immigrants' Guide, For z88o (St. Louis, 1880).
The map shows Texas, Indian Territory, parts of New Mexico, Mexico, Missouri,
Arkansas, and Louisiana, and gives Texas counties, towns, territories, roads,
railroads, emigrant route, routes of military parties with leaders and dates, camps,
forts, proposed railroads, location of Indian tribes, Indian agencies, crossings,
minerals, ranches, Indian reservations, land surveyors' districts, Comanche route
said to be practicable for wagons, trails; Overland Mail Route; proposed new posts
in 1867 along 37th parallel on the northern border of the Indian Territory and at
the southeast corner of the panhandle where the Red River and the one-hundredth
meridian meet-the map showing the boundary claimed by the State of Texas and
the one claimed by the United States. Inset: [Western Tip of Texas]. One copy and
one photostat. Scale: 3~l/ inches-oo miles. Size: 24% inches x 19 inches. Identical
in content to Map #1596 below.
1880 [Texas and Indian Territory] # 1596
Identical in content to Map # 1503 above. Photostat. Size: 25 inches x 188/4 inches.
1880 Texas Counties # 1694
Source of information for the map was W. P. Meroney, Head of Department
of Sociology, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, and the Outline Map of the United
States, June z, z88o, by the United States Department of Agriculture. Drawn by
S. L. Rieves March 6, 1936. Base Map by C. B. Metcalfe, 1935. Published by Texas
Planning Board. Map bears a list of all officers and members of the board, pre-
sumably for the year 1936, and is signed by W. M. Massie, Chairman. Map shows
the counties. Black and white print. Scale: 4 inches-loo miles. Size: 331/8 inches x
42%4 inches.
1880 Map of Wharton County, General Land Office, #1883
Austin, Texas, January 1880
Copyright 1879 by W. C. Walsh, Commissioner of the General Land Office of Texas.
Map is certified by Walsh's signature dated January, 188o. Map bears handwritten
testimony (signed) of Andrew J. Baker on May 1, 1893, that the sections in red
were purchased by A. Schwartz. Map also bears the seal of the General Land Office
of Texas. Map shows land sections by number and/or owner and some dates of
title, geographical center of the county, five mile radius county seat circle, rivers,
creeks, towns, and names of surrounding counties. Black and white print. Scale:
1 inch-4ooo varas. Size: 23%a inches x 271/ inches.


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