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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 66, July 1962 - April, 1963


Southwestern Historical Quarterly

(2) Heights of the Principal Mountains in Feet (3) Approximate Length of the
Principal Rivers in Miles. Scale: 261/ leagues-a degree or 41/ inches-oo miles.
Size: 445/ inches x 301/ inches.
1882 Official Map of the State of Texas #1890
Subtitle: "To accompany the Statistical and Descriptive Work, 'Resources, Soil and
Climate of Texas,' prepared under the Direction of A. W. Spaight, Commissioner
of Insurance, Statistics, and History. December Ist, 1882." Rand, McNally and
Company, Map Publishers and Engravers, Chicago. In printed colors the map
shows counties, towns, railroads, rivers, creeks, mountains, lakes, forts, location of
Indian tribes, parts of Mexico, Indian Territory, Louisiana, Arkansas, and projected
railroads. Insets: (1) State Finances [table and explanation] (2) The Mean Annual
and Mean Monthly Rainfall [table] (3) The Railway Lines in operation and the
Railway Mileage in the state [table] (4) The Area, Population, and Assessed Value
[of] Taxable Property of the State by Counties [table]. Scale: 41/2 inches-oo miles.
Size: 3o/4 inches x 33 inches. Identical in content to map # lolo below.
1882 Official Map of the State of Texas #1010
Identical in content to map # 189go above. Size: 30os/4 inches x 321/2 inches.
1883 [Plan of Fort Davis, Texas] #1675
Map shows the structures in the fort area, proposed structures, notes on construc-
tion, notes on surrounding topography, and water sources. Photograph. Size: 17
inches x 135/s inches.
1883 Military Map of the Rio Grande Frontier #1591
Subtitle: "Prepared from Original Surveys, County Maps, Reports of Officers,
etc. , by Capt. W. R. Livermore, 1883. Property of General B. H. Grierson.
Traced by O. L. Wylie [?]." Map appears in "The White God," Voice of the Mexican
Border, I, 82. Map shows Cabeza de Vaca's supposed line of travel along
the Rio Grande, location of supposed buried treasure, mountain elevations, rivers,
roads, missions, forts, battles, trails proposed Texas and Pacific Railway, and
Indian mounds. Photostat. Scale: 13/4 inches-4o miles. Size: x12/4 inches x 221/
1883 Map of Harbor of Sabine Pass, Texas #352
Subtitle: "Showing works constructed by the government during 1883, for increasing
the depth over the bar at its mouth, and those contemplated in the completed plans.
Compiled from charts in the office of the United States Engineer in charge of the
improvement, and lithographed for the Sabine Pass Times." Map shows soundings,
reefs, town of Sabine Pass, Eastern Texas and Sabine Pass Railroad, lighthouse,
and proposed East Jetty. Note: "Soundings are given to the nearest foot and all
depths greater than 18 ft. are enclosed by dotted curve." Inset: Longitudinal
Section of West Jetty. Photostat. Scale: 2 inches-5000 feet. Size: 81/ inches x 211/

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 66, July 1962 - April, 1963. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed April 30, 2016.

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