The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 66, July 1962 - April, 1963

Notes and Documents


1884 Coast Chart No. 109. Aransas Pass, Aransas # 1058
and Copano Bays, Texas
Issued September 1884, J. E. Hilgard, Superintendent. The map shows Corpus
Christi Bay, Shallow Bay, Harbor Island, Mustang Island, Aransas Bay, St. Joseph's
Island, Copano Bay, St. Charles Bay, Mexquit [sic] Bay, and the passes. There are
notes on tides, soundings, lighthouses, buoys, and authorities. Scale: 1/8o,ooo. Size:
401/ inches x 32s/4 inches.
1884 Texas #66
Map appears in Albert Schutze, Schutze's Jahrbuch Fur Texas und Volks-Kalender
Fur x884 (Austin, 1884), 50. Published by Love and Alden's Publication Depart-
ment, New York. Map shows counties, towns, major rivers, roads, and railroads,
locations of Indian tribes north of Texas, and Red River. Inset: Western Texas.
Photostat. Size: 7 inches x o10/ inches.
1884 Birds Eye View of Gatesville, Texas, 1884 #103
Drawn by August Koch. Map shows streets by names with residences and public
buildings. A key for the public buildings is given. Two photostats. Original was
badly mutilated when the photostats were taken. Size: 14 inches x 24 inches.
1885 Special Map of the Great Southwest #1017
Subtitle: "For Burke's Texas Almanac, 1885. Published by Rand, McNally and
Company, Chicago, 1885. In printed colors the map shows towns, rivers, counties
in Texas, parts of New Mexico, Indian Territory, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mexico,
principal Texas and Mexican railway and steamship lines, senatorial and congres-
sional districts, location of Indian tribes, Indian agencies, academies, mountains,
lakes, forts, camps. One copy and one photostat. Size: 411/, inches x 271/ inches.
[1887?1] Holden's Addition to Llano, Texas #1003
Published by Dallas Litho[graphy] Company. Map shows streets by name and lots
and blocks by number. There is promotional information on mineral wealth of
the area in the margin of the map. Note: "Lots 50 x 140 feet. Streets 75 feet wide."
Description of Llano given. Size: 12 inches x 391/2 inches.
[ 1887? ] [County Map of Texas] #1040
Map shows counties of Texas including the defunct counties of Foley and Buchel.
Each county contains numbers of unnamed reference. One copy and one photostat.
Size: 421/2 inches x 411/, inches.
1887 Map of Bexar County #1788
Note: "Compiled and Drawn from the Records of Surveys in Bexar County, Sketches
from General Land Office and Sketches and Memoranda of the present County

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