The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 66, July 1962 - April, 1963

Texas Collection

Herbert Eugene Bolton, Athanase de Mezires and the Louisiana-
Texas Frontier, 1768-1780. Cleveland (The Arthur H. Clark
Company), 1914-
George Louis Crocket, Two Centuries in East Texas. Dallas (The
Southwest Press), [c. 1932].
David B. Edward, The History of Texas. Cincinnati (Stereotyped
and published by J. A. James & Co.), 1836.
Examination and Review of a Pamphlet Printed and Secretly Circu-
lated by M. E. Gorostiza, late Envoy Extraordinary from Mexico.
Washington (Printed by Peter Force), 1837.
Henry Stuart Foote, Texas and the Texans. Philadelphia (Thomas
Cowperthwait & Co.), 1841. Two Volumes.
Abiel Abbot Livermore, The War with Mexico Reviewed. Boston
(Published by the American Peace Society), 1850.
Jose Antonio Pichardo, Treatise on the Limits of Louisiana and
Texas. Edited and annotated by Charles Wilson Hackett. Austin
(University of Texas Press), 1931.
N. Doran Maillard, The History of the Republic of Texas. London
(Smith, Elder, and Co.), 1842.
Noah Smithwick, The Evolution of a State. Austin (Gammel Book
Company), [c.19oo].
[Edward Stiff,] A New History of Texas. Cincinnati (Published by
George Conclin), 1847.
A Visit to Texas. New York (Goodrich 8e Wiley), 1834.
John Quincy Adams, Speech of John Quincy Adams . upon the
Right of the People, . . to Petition. Washington (Printed by
Gales and Seaton), 1838.
Free State Rally and Texan 'Chain-Breaker. Vol. I, No. 5. Boston,
Saturday, December 13, 1845. Published Weekly or oftener till
the Texas question is settled by Jordan & Wiley.
Further Information and Papers Laid Before the House of Repre-
sentatives of the United States, Relative to Brigadier General
Wilkinson. Washington (A. & G. Way, Printers), 18o8.
Francis S. Key, Speech of Francis S. Key, Esq., Counsel for Gen.
Samuel Houston, on His Trial before the House of Representa-
tives for a Breach of Privilege. City of Washington (Printed at
the Globe Office by F. P. Blair), 1832.
Proceedings of a Convention of Delegates .. to Take into Considera-
tion the Proposed Annexation of Texas to the United States.
Boston (Eastburn's Press), 1845-
Report of the Select Committee to Whom was Referred the Petition
of General James Wilkinson .. March 9, 1820o. [Washington?


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