The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 66, July 1962 - April, 1963

Texas Collection


history by the last legislature and to Myra Banfield, the ardent
legislator who introduced the measure.
"Resolution introduced by Mrs. Myra Banfield, Representa-
tive from the 3oth Texas District, State Legislature, and passed
during the regular session, February 27, 1961, declares February
each year as AMERICAN HISTORY MONTH. .. " The fore-
going notice was carried by the Herald-Coaster of Richmond-
Rosenberg, on February 4, 1962.
Myra Banfield, wife of rice farmer Neil O. Banfield, 1410
Mulcahy Drive, Rosenberg, Fort Bend County, decided in 1960
to file for state representative in the 3oth District. She ran a
good race and won over three men. Myra Banfield, inexperienced
as she was in politics, filed for the race in Fort Bend County at the
very last moment; but failed to file in the rest of that district,
Waller County, so her six hundred thirty-two votes in Waller
County had to be "write-in votes" from an area in which she was
wholly unknown prior to the race. One understands better how
difficult her position was if aware that her chief opponent was
a very close life-long friend, Windel Shannon, publisher of Rich-
mond-Rosenberg's Herald-Coaster and majority owner of the
local radio station, KFRD.
She thinks of herself as an amateur politician and a housewife,
the mother of two daughters, Pamela and Kay, who are students
at the University of Texas.
Governor Price Daniel spoke to the Texas State Genealogical
Society at a luncheon in his honor on April 3o. Daniel's address
on "Texas Local and Family History" was given during the annual
meeting of the Society at the Commodore Perry Hotel in Austin.
A. Garland Adair expressed great interest in the recent article
by C. Richard King on "Woodrow Wilson's Visit to Texas in
1911," which appeared in the October, 1961, issue of the Quar-
terly. Adair was president of the University of Texas Student
Association in 1914, when Woodrow Wilson entered the presi-
dency of the United States. Students offered a university com-
pany for service in the Pershing Expedition against Pancho Villa.
Adair wrote a letter to President Wilson outlining the proposal.
Wilson replied to Adair by telegram-the first of Adair's many

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