The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 66, July 1962 - April, 1963

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

not large considering that the prisoners were received "in all
conditions of health and sickness." Only "six privates died in
May, and one was killed by a sentry; five died in June; five died
July 1st.""41 According to a local newspaper "considerable sick-
ness" prevailed throughout East Texas in the autumn of 1864,
with fatalities greater than usual, and this condition may have
affected Camp Ford, though probably not in great degree, for
it appears that the disorder most common among prisoners was
After the war the graves of the prisoners of war at Camp Ford
were removed to points in the East, and it was reported that they
numbered 286.43 A roll of honor published by the United States
Quartermaster in 1866 names 232 of the prisoners who were in-
terred at Camp Ford, 1863-1865, and from this list it is possible
to obtain an approximate distribution of the deaths at Ford by
months: 44
2863 July 41
September 1 August 35
October o September 51
November 1 October 41
December o November 13
1864 December 7
January 2 z865
February 5 January 11
March 4 February 1
April o March o
May 4 April 3
June 11 May 1
41Bosson, Forty-second Massachusetts, 433.
42Marshall Texas Republican, September go, 1864, p. 2; Andrews to Dyer, No-
vember 23, 1864, Official Records, Series I, Vol. XLI, Pt. 4, 655; Captain J. M. Mc-
Culloch to Colonel Charles C. Dwight, February 8, 1865, ibid., Series II, Vol.
VIII, 196.
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Army, Washington, D. C., February 6, 1869, in House Committee Report No. 45,
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44United States Quartermaster Corps, Roll of Honor. Names of Soldiers who Died
in the Defence of the American Union, Interred in the Eastern District of Texas;
Central District of Texas; Rio Grande District, Department of Texas; Camp Ford,
Tyler, Texas; and Corpus Christi, Texas (Washington, 1866), 29-34. Apparently
through error, this document lists two deaths after the prison was abandoned (one
in June and the other in August, 1865). These deaths have been entered under the
appropriate months of 1864.

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