The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 66, July 1962 - April, 1963

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

any arrangement must depend for its fulfillment on the reception
of Genl. Santa Anna in Mexico,-So we must keep a good lookout!!
I very much regret that Colonel Seguin has been ordered to the
main army as it will leave our out Posts in a state of perfect
abandonment and consume the supplies of the army. I gave him
authority to remain or to fall back as circumstances in his discretion
might require. I ordered those not mounted to repair to the main
army so that if the enemy did advance, that they would not be
surprised by being mounted they could make good their retreat.
Moreover Col. Seguin has written that he could send or drive Beef
to the army. You are aware I presume that I have made contracts
for Beef with Mr. Randall Jones who is to keep a supply of Beef
for the army until the first of June. I find that we are to be badly
treated by those agents in the U States who have been intrusted
with scrip. I have done every thing in my power and will not relax
my exertions.
Colonel Karnes is here and will either proceed to the army directly
or will pass up the Brasos and endeavor to raise mounted men-
as many as possible! My anxiety has been intense and must con-
tinue so until I can see the country tranquil.
It affords me the highest gratification possible to hear from our
friend Dr. Jones of your rapid recovery and the assurance that it
will be perfect.
I pray you to keep the army compact and not let it be detached.
Economise your supplies of all kinds, and if you intend to remove
camp to the East of Navidad, let it be done before the Prairies
are rendered swampy by heavy rains. I am very truly
Your Obt. Servant
DEAR GENERAL, 21 March 1837
Your favor I have had the pleasure to receive and peruse, but
had not time to answer it at length. I doubt not but that you will
do everything in your power for the prosperity and advancement of
the interests of the country.
All my exertions are employed to make the army comfortable and
to have it armed, fed, and clad! Do have regular issues made
agreeably to the Regulations of the army. There has been more
wasted in the last twelve months of Beef etc. than wou'd have
supplied the army well.
We have heard officially of the "recognition of our Independence,"
and I hope our credit will now rise. The recognition was the last


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