The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 66, July 1962 - April, 1963

Book Reviews

devotion to a white family followed by thirty-five years of service
to Stephen F. Austin College.
Less satisfying to the reader than the stories is the introductory
material on the history of slavery from the Old Testament period
-the first nine references are to standard encyclopedias. More
appropriate source material has been used in the pages dealing
with the Negroes in Texas after statehood.
The reviewer would mention especially Miss Hathcock's effec-
tive use of Negro dialect. She listened well to the telling of these
Trinity University
Texas in the Civil War: a Rdsumd History. By Allan C. Ashcraft.
Austin (Texas Civil War Centennial Commission), 1962.
Pp. 53. $1.oo.
This brief survey of Texas' participation in the Civil War is
the result of requests received by the Texas Civil War Centennial
Commission from schools, organizations, and individuals for such
a publication. In undertaking the task for the commission, Pro-
fessor Allan C. Ashcraft of the Agricultural and Mechanical Col-
lege of Texas has provided a competent, professional narrative of
events in the civil conflict in which Texans played a part.
Following a chronological approach the author devotes several
pages to the secession movement within the state and then follows
with a year-by-year account of military activities in which Texans
were involved. Commendably, Professor Ashcraft does not limit
himself to events within the state but actually attempt to survey
the whole Confederate Trans-Mississippi Department in which
Texas troops played such an important role. Nor are events be-
yond the Mississippi River completely neglected; two different
sections of the booklet deal with "Texas Units Fighting Else-
where," in which Eastern campaigns involving Texas troops,
especially those serving with John B. Hood, are discussed. A nine
page chronology of events in Texas during the period 1861-1865
follows the general narrative.
On the whole, the present volume fulfills the purpose for which
it was designed-to afford the general reader a succinct survey
of Texas' military role in the war. There are, as one might expect,


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