The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 66, July 1962 - April, 1963

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Oct. 1862) near Lattimer's and Richies' steam mill, for the purpose
of consulting how to rescue Harper. He wished me to attend and
bring my gun, which I did. The meeting was attended by Ramey
Dye, John M. Wiley, 61 Isham Welch,62 Wm Boyles,s John Ware, H.
Gilman, Robt Duncan and others.
He talked about the rescue of Harper. We came to the conclusion
that the force at Gainesville was too strong for us to accomplish our
Ben F. Barnes sworn.
[WITNESS.] There was a meeting at the Steam Mill last Wednesday
night. Some members observed we had better go to the Northern army
where we could fare better. They were to hold a meeting the next
night, somewhere. Ramey Dye was appointed captain. The meeting
was to be held in the bottom on Jordan Creek, near Alveads.
I. W. Morris sworn.
[WITNEss.] I was at the meeting at Richie's Mill. Dr. Foster said
the object of the meeting was to rescue Harper; and he wanted
us to take our guns and go-myself and Ramey Dye. The reason we
did not go to rescue Harper was because a messenger (Essman) told
us that there were a great many soldiers in Gainesville and we were
then afraid.
Gilbert Smith sworn.
[WITNESS.] I was at the meeting on Wednesday night. Present:
Ramey Dye, James Powers, Moses Powers, John Ware, John W.
Morris, Dr. Foster, H. J. Esman, Harry Gilman, Arphax Dawson,
O. B. Atkinson, and Wm Boyles. We were all ordered to bring our
guns. I loaded mine after I got there. I suppose there were twenty-
eight men in all.
Our object was to come here, (Gainesville) and rescue the pris-
oners. Ramey Dye was chosen captain. We concluded to get away
when Essman came and reported the number of men in town. We
adjourned to meet again the next night and consult what to do. I
"1John M. Wiley was born in Tennessee in 1815 and moved to Texas in 1854.
Landrum, Grayson County, An Illustrated History of Grayson County, Texas, 175.
'"Isham Welch was born in Missouri in 1826 and moved to Grayson County,
Texas, in 1856. Ibid., 173.
6"William Boyles was born in Kentucky in 1826 and migrated to Grayson County,
Texas, prior to July 1, 1848, as a member of the Peters Colony. He is listed as a
farmer in the 1850 federal census of Grayson County (family no. 14). Connor, Peters
Colony of Texas, 198.


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