The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 66, July 1962 - April, 1963

Notes and Documents

Caytov grhard's Remitniscexces of the
elraw Santa e Sxpedition, 1841
Contributed by FORD DIX ON
[The following is a continuation of Cayton Erhard's reminis-
cences of the Texan Santa Fe Expedition, 1841, which appeared
in the January, 1963, Quarterly.]
Installments XIX through a portion of LXVIII of Erhard's
reminiscences in the San Marcos Free Press are direct quotations
from Kendall, Narrative of the Texan Santa Fe Expedition, chap-
ters XI-XVI. The portion of Kendall's account quoted by Erhard
concerns the advance detachment sent out from Camp Resolution
under Captain J. S. Sutton on August 31, 1841, in search of the
Mexican settlements, its capture and imprisonment.
Upon resuming his own reminiscences, some confusion appar-
ently was created among Erhard's readers and the Free Press pub-
lished the following letter of explanation.
The Santa Fe Expedition-Some Needed Explanation.
After the extended quotations from Geo. W. Kendall made by Dr.
Erhard in his "Reminiscences," and the sudden suspension of the
narrative of the former, we, in common no doubt with many other
readers, felt a natural curiosity as to the further fate and adventures
of Kendall and his party, and experienced some confusion of ideas
as to the history of the several branches of the expedition. We called
the attention of Dr. Erhard to these points, and he has favored us
with the following explanation.-Ed. Free Press.
Bastrop, May 22, 1884.
With pleasure I answer your enquiry, and I am not in the least
surprised, that your ideas are confused. I myself have to be very care-
ful, that as I proceed, I do not repeat some things previously de-
scribed, or omit things interesting, and also to have it in correct
At "Camp Resolution," we being totally lost, and finding no way
to pass over the Staked Plains our men finding no water, it was re-
solved by our officers to send Col. Cooke and the commissioners of
treaty and commerce, appointed by President M. B. Lamar, with


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