The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 66, July 1962 - April, 1963

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Bernardo Dortolan was granted land, probably in Nacogdoches
County, on March 28, 1797, by Zepeda. He was one of the foreigners
exempted from the general amnesty published by Arredondo after
the Battle of the Medina. Hatcher, Opening of Texas to Foreign
Settlement, 18o0-z821, p. 343; Taylor, Spanish Archives of the General
Land Office of Texas, 179.
William Fisher was elected adjutant-general of the expedition.
Gulick and others, Lamar Papers, VI, 145.
Samuel D. Forsythe-see note 35-
William Francis joined the expedition only after evading arrest on
order of Governor W. C. C. Claiborne of Louisiana. He commanded
a raid on the Spanish lines which led directly to the final battle at
La Bahia. Claiborne, Letter Books, VI, 164-165; Gulick and others,
Lamar Papers, IV, Pt. 1, 279.
Germaile, Shaler says, came from North Carolina and was without
doubt the ablest man in the army but as he had the "misfortune" to
be a Frenchman, he could not command. Apparently he served as
secretary to Gutierrez or Fisher. According to Wilkinson, he served
as aide-de-camp to Gutierrez. He was slightly wounded in the right
hand during the Battle of Alazan. Shaler to Monroe, February 26,
1813, Wilkinson to Shaler included with Shaler to Monroe, July 14,
1813, Shaler Papers; Sibley to Armstrong, June io, 1813, Garrett,
"Sibley Letters," Southwestern Historical Quarterly, XLIX, 428.
Gormley commanded a company in the fighting around picket post
number three during the last battle at La Bahia. He was taken pris-
oner at the Medina and released some time later. Niles Register, V,
104; Shaler to Monroe, February 7, 1814, Shaler Papers.
Gormley. Niles Register reported that the two Gormleys were miss-
ing. Niles Register, V, 104.
H. Greg (Gregg) -see note 9o.
Hale came from Ohio and served as a member of the revolutionary
junta formed at San Antonio as a representative of the army. Garrett,
Green Flag Over Texas, 183; Kennedy, Texas, 70o.
Warren D. C. Hall--see note 156.
Captain Holmes, with fifty mounted men cut off the Spanish bag-
gage train on their retreat from La Bahia. Gulick and others, Lamar
Papers, IV, Pt. 1, 28o.
Samuel Kemper-see note 31.
Captain Kennedy-see note 123.
La Tour was a member of Toledo's suite. He altered his name from
Calinette. He was about twenty-seven years of age, and a native of
New Orleans. Colonel Nathaniel Cogswell to Magee, December 24,
1812, included with Shaler to Monroe, June 12, 1813, Shaler Papers.
Thomas Lockett (Lucket) --see note 37.


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