The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 66, July 1962 - April, 1963

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

June 19, 1840o. L. W. Kemp, The Signers of the Texas Declaration of
Independence (Houston, 1944), 297-304.
Juan Sava joined the expedition at the Sabine. Gulick and others,
Lamar Papers, VI, 145-
Savias handled a foraging party through the Spanish lines during
the siege of La Bahia, performing so well that he was made captain.
He was a trusty man and a good officer, true and brave to the last.
Ibid., VI, 148.
Tarin, a captain who fought in all the early battles of the expedi-
tion, returned to Texas after Mexico gained her independence. Ibid.,
VI, 154-
Juan Martin Veramendi (Veramenda) was born in San Fernando
de Bexar on December 17, 1778. He married Josepha Navarro and
had seven children. His family was spared the rough treatment ac-
corded those of other rebel leaders by Arredondo. In 1822-1823, he
served as collector of foreign revenue at Bexar. He served on the
Texas Provincial delegation to the Mexican National Constitutional
Congress in 1823. He was alcalde of Bexar, 1824-1825, and vice-gov-
ernor of Coahuila y Texas, 1832-1838. He died in the cholera epidemic
of 1833 at his summer home at Monclova. F. C. Chabot, With the
Makers of San Antonio (San Antonio, 1937), 243.


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