The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 67, July 1963 - April, 1964

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Walter Prescott Webb
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WHAT SHOULD ONE SAY about a friend of the greater part
of a lifetime who has passed on and left in the hearts
of a host of acquaintances and associates grief and a
sense of loss that is deep and abiding? Walter Prescott Webb
would not have wanted extravagant praise; still we must not pass
unnoticed his extraordinary accomplishments.
His service to the Texas State Historical Association was long
and great. It was in 1924, about a year after he had been made
a fellow of the Association for meritorious writing, that he en-
listed the Dallas News and his friend C. M. Caldwell in the cause
of history to the extent of their offering for two years prizes for
the best essays in local history by Texas high school students. At
first carried out through the department of history of the Univer-
sity of Texas, this idea some years later became the foundation
of the Junior Historian movement of the Texas State Historical
It was when Webb was made Managing Editor of the South-
western Historical Quarterly and Director of the Association in
1939 that he began to bring to bear on the organization the full
measure of his imagination, his persuasiveness, and his driving
energy. In addition to the regular editorial work, he instituted
the annual Booklovers Award, that is prizes to high school stu-
dents with the best collection of books. The contest was carried
out at the University of Texas under the sponsorship of the
Association. His appeal was not limited to people of the high
schools: he promoted regional conferences of historians and
thereby quickened the interest in Texas history in people of a
*This tribute was originally presented on April 26, 1963, at the sixty-seventh
annual meeting of the Texas State Historical Association.

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