The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 67, July 1963 - April, 1964

Govetnor of Texa,
Dr. Walter Prescot Wb I wa a'nai o Eat exa
who grew up in West Tex s ito bec.nt th r rpt
thie State of Texa to the nation an tt world. thrl hs
writings he made the world conscio o th T si tri nph
ovetr water scarcity, of th
thn Texas ttRangers, and of hi t ir t el t d t
As student and profesr, he se Id the U ver sito
Texas foIr more than h alf a cer, tr, d hep brin i i'ntrnatiol
acclaim. As d re'tor of the Texas Stt Hittorial As,
helped other understand their heta.g; s atir
Histrical Mm t helpdt u 1 i th ' iotfi
that heritage ; r th d of Texas
helped people e verywhere know "accurtely the facts behind the
]" x~lb s~l'g

drank coffe irmt a c n ini
hunts, shot thep rapids - iiti
teciton ci the n 1ra ttd,q ,
of the State for he ., i u i it
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I'iHER i'ORt E, i, a" it me
;rait perm- i i o tn r thet trmi ent ofI i ti hi
State Ceimetery in Austi

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