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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 67, July 1963 - April, 1964

Book Reviews

Fourteen lessons concern events of the American Civil War;
nine pertain to Texas troops in action at Galveston and Sabine
Pass, Texas; Gaines' Mill, Virginia; Bayou Fordoche, Louisiana;
and Elkhorn or Pea Ridge, Arkansas. Although each of the
actions involving Texans is described by a participant or an
observer, none is signed except the "Battle of Elkhorn, (Ar-
kansas) " by B. P. Hollinsworth.
The entire facsimile edition is an excellent example of tasteful
printing which involves a highly successful effort to reproduce the
1864 original as faithfully as possible. The background of the
volume and the details of its reprinting are provided in a pub-
lisher's preface by R. H. Porter, president of the Steck Company.
No index was included, but the reprint has been provided with a
table of contents at the end which greatly facilitates its use.
Confederate Postmasters in Texas, 1861z-865. Compiled by Grover
C. Ramsey. Waco (W. M. Morrison), 1963. Pp. 69. $3.50.
For genealogists and local historians, this small multilith
volume will be of especial interest. From a manuscript in the
Library of Congress, Ramsey has compiled the names of over
seven hundred Texas towns that had post offices between June 1,
1861-May 8, 1865, and the names of all but eleven of the post-
masters. (These eleven were not listed in the manuscript.) The
list is in alphabetical order by towns, and each entry includes
the name of the county, postmaster (s), and dates of service.
Where possible, Ramsey notes establishment, disestablishment,
suspension, and other data on particular post offices.
The usefulness of the work is partially impaired by the in-
consistency and lack of explanation of certain of the editorial
abbreviations. Also it seems that the compilation would have
more utility had there been included a cross-reference listing the
postmasters in alphabetical order and/or listing towns by county.
In spite of these drawbacks, this volume which makes avail-
able little-known information in a valuable reference for per-
sons working in the period of Confederate Texas.


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