The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 67, July 1963 - April, 1964

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and the Gulf of Mexico. The bulk of her research for her personal
accounts consisted of interviews and recorded observations col-
lected in her diary and in news and feature stories for the Houston
Press. But Mrs. Moskey's apparent love for her project and espe-
cially for the people with whom she came in contact during the
193o's gives the work a flavor and warmth not often found in the
accounts of most academic historians. Texas Thirties is a fitting
memorial to the fruitful life of an accurate observer, a dedicated
journalist, and a devoted friend of the people of Texas.
Abilene Christian College
Founders and Patriots of the Republic of Texas: The Lineages
of the Members of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.
Compiled and edited by Mrs. Harry Joseph Morris. Dallas
(Huggins Printing Company), 1963. Pp. x+684. Preface,
notes, index. $25.00.
Texans and others have long been aware of the many worth-
while public services performed by the Daughters of the Republic
of Texas. Since the founding at Houston on November 6, 1891,
the Daughters have encouraged the study of Texas history in the
schools, conducted essay contests, marked historic spots, labored
for the preservation of the Alamo, provided the Clara Driscoll
Scholarship for Research in Texas history, and, especially, have
perpetuated the memory and spirit of those who achieved and
maintained the independence of Texas.
The most recent undertaking of the Daughters has been the
publication of the Founders and Patriots of the Republic of
Texas, a genealogy providing the lineages of the members of the
state organization. Information for each of the 5,182 lineage
entries was taken from the original application of the member
in the files of the Daughters of the Republic. "Simplicity of
format has been the goal," according to the editor, and the infor-
mation given for a member includes name, marriage, parents, and
grandparents. The lineage ends with the ancestor who gave service
in the Republic of Texas, his wife's name, and a brief summary
of the service of the ancestor. Especially valuable is the 116-
page 'index divided into two sections, one listing the members
of the organization and another devoted to the ancestors of the


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