The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 68, July 1964 - April, 1965

KATHRYN AND IRWIN SEXTON, "Edward Dixon Westfall," who
are both professional librarians, have recently written a children's
biography of Samuel A. Maverick. In addition, Irwin Sexton is
the director of the San Antonio public library system which owns
the Westfall journals.
NOWLIN RANDOLPH, "Judge William Pinckney Hill Aids the
Confederate War Effort," is a graduate of the University of Texas
Law School who has written legal articles for the Texas Bar Jour-
nal and historical articles for newspapers and magazines in Texas.
JOHN C. RAYBURN, "Count Joseph Telfener and the New York,
Texas, and Mexican Railway Company," is professor of history
and director of the division of graduate studies at Texas College
of Arts and Industries.
JOHN P. LANDERS, "Adam Lawrence of New Year Creek," is a
member of the faculty at San Antonio College.
JAMES R. UNDERWOOD, JR., "Edwin Theodore Dumble," assist-
ant professor of geology at the University of Texas, is presently
on the faculty of Baghdad University through the auspices of the
United States Agency for International Development.
count of the Texas Revolution," are the director and consultant
of the Austin-Travis County Collection of the Austin Public
Library which includes the E. M. Pease Papers. Mrs. Hart also
has been a contributor to the Quarterly in the past.
F. N. BONEY, "The Raven Tamed: An 1845 Sam Houston Let-
ter," is an assistant professor of history at the University of

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 68, July 1964 - April, 1965. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed July 3, 2015.