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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 68, July 1964 - April, 1965

rceas Collection
S"linger and read," was proposed for the University of
L Texas in 1938 by J. Frank Dobie, then a member of the
English faculty. He visualized a room furnished in native woods,
"not forgetting the mesquite so characteristic of much of the
land." Bronzes and paintings by Charles M. Russell, Frederic
Remington, and other artists of the Southwest and West would
"add to the tone of the rooms," said Professor Dobie.
The "corner forever Texas" is proceeding from dream to re-
ality in the University's Academic Center, where a room in the
Texana-Western Americana suite on the fourth floor has been
designated the J. Frank Dobie Room. It houses the Dobie Col-
lection of books and other printed materials, manuscripts and
correspondence, and his art collection. Furnishings include two
mesquite chests, presented by a friend of the family, and Dobie's
own mesquite mantelpiece which surmounts the fireplace. Carved
across the mantel are the words, "I sat down with earth's great-
est philosopher, the fire." The room, as Dobie wished, invites
one to "linger and read."
Dobie, who died on September 18, amassed a large and varied
library during a lifetime as teacher and writer. About 15,000
items comprise the printed collection. Foremost among the cat-
egories in his working library are folklore and material on the
range-not only of Texas and the Southwest, but also of Africa,
Australia, Hawaii, and other parts of the world. He also gathered
an extensive library on cattle brands, as well as animals of the
range-cattle, horses, sheep, goats-and their environment. Dobie
had a wealth of source material on cowboys, Indians, and South-
western wildlife, but his library was not confined to such sub-
jects. As a scholar, he did not limit himself to the area where he
lived and worked; his interest spanned the globe and many
spheres of life. He collected books by great writers, with a prac-

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