The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 68, July 1964 - April, 1965

CoH tribitors
LEON B. BLAIR, "The Origin and Development of the Arabian
Horse," is a graduate student in history at the University of Texas,
a former United States naval officer, and the author of several
articles in military, historical, and current affairs journals.
WESLEY NORTON, "The Methodist Episcopal Church and the
Civil Disturbances in North Texas in 1859 and 186o," is a mem-
ber of the history faculty at Lamar State College of Technology.
GEORGE L. CHARLTON, "Vince's Bridge: Question Mark of the
San Jacinto Campaign," a longtime resident of Harris County,
is a 1906 graduate of the University of Texas Law School, a mem-
ber of the Sons of the Republic of Texas, a Knight of San
Jacinto, and a member of the board of directors of the Texas
Independence Day Organization.
CLAUDE MICHAEL GRUENER, "Rutherford B. Hayes's Horseback
Ride Through Texas," is a graduate of the school of journalism
at the University of Texas and is presently the editor of the
Starliner for Trans-Texas Airways.
ANDREW FOREST MUIR, "Humphrey Jackson, Alcalde of San
Jacinto," is an associate professor of history at Rice University
and associate editor of the Journal of Southern History.
LLERENA B. FRIEND, "Sidelights and Supplements on the Perote
Prisoners," is librarian of the Eugene C. Barker Texas History
Center and a lecturer in history at the University of Texas.

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