The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 68, July 1964 - April, 1965

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

tunately the author was permitted only limited use of Polignac's
Diary. Too, there are one or two manuscript collections at Lou-
isiana State University which might have shed some additional
insight into Louisiana operations. But all in all this is a most
satisfactory work and will add much to an understanding of the
complicated events of the Civil War in the Trans-Mississippi West.
Lamar State College of Technology
The Civil War Letters of David R. Garrett Detailing the Adven-
tures of the 6th Texas Cavalry, 1861z-865. Edited by Max
Lale and Hobart Key, Jr. Marshall (Port Caddo Press), 1964.
Pp. xvii+o105. Maps, illustrations, and appendix. Cloth,
$5.95; paper, $3.50.
The great sectional conflict of the 186o's provides students of
nineteenth century American humanity with an unprecedented
array of primary sources. The war, in tearing families apart,
provoked masses of uncensored mail in which the heart of Amer-
ica was laid bare. Some years ago Professor Bell Irvin Wiley of
Emory University, aware that manuscripts of that type had be-
come available in sufficient number to provide materials for
close study of the society of the era, prepared fine reports of his
wide-spread search in such books as The Life of Johnny Reb,
The Life of Billy Yank, and Plain People of the Confederacy.
Since Wiley's works, numerous compilations of Confederate
and Federal correspondence have appeared, furnishing more ma-
terial for footnotes to the basic books already done. But, then,
these published collections are more than just grist for the mill
of the professional historian. They are a kind of literature of
great folksy charm; after all, those people were pouring out their
souls to each other, so to speak; and somebody has said, or ought
to say, that live reports from human beings under stress in any
time or place certainly command attention. The reviewer has
witnessed this repeatedly while reading Confederate letters aloud
to classes, study groups, or service clubs.
David R. Garrett (1832-1892) of Cedar Grove (Kaufman Coun-
ty) and Wills Point, Texas, served for nearly four years in the
6th Texas Cavalry of Ross's Texas Brigade from September 6,


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