The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 68, July 1964 - April, 1965

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

and state. In 1945, he attended a national conference in Cleve-
land to consider suggestions for amending the Dumbarton Oaks
proposals for the founding of a united nations organization. He
was made chairman of the conference's committee on religious
liberty. Dawson stood squarely for "full religious freedom to be
established everywhere." He took the fight to the meeting of the
United Nations Organization in San Francisco carrying with him
a hundred thousand petitions from Baptists asking that the UN
charter guarantee full religious freedom for all persons. In 1947,
he addressed the Baptist World Alliance in Copenhagen on the
subject "Christianity and the United Nations." The next year
Dawson joined with others to found the organization of "Protes-
tants and Other Americans United for Separation of Church and
State." He has devoted much time and study to this cause. He is
no doubt one of the best informed men in America on the sub-
ject of church-state relations.
The volume under review is a lively and quite readable ac-
count of the life of a profound scholar and eminent church
leader whose contributions to the causes of social justice, religious
liberty, and separation of church and state are immeasurable.
Baylor University
Men of Ingenuity From Beneath the Orange Tower, 1884-r964:
The College of Engineering of The University of Texas.
By W. R. Woolrich and Associated Faculty and Alumni.
Austin (The University of Texas), 1964. Pp. xviii+268.
Appendices, illustrations, index. $4.75.
Eighty years, twelve thousand plus graduates, and thirteen
thousand three hundred fifty-five degrees write a lot of history
along with other thousands of students whose technical educa-
tion did not end with a Texas degree. This is a huge story well
told. The total effort to compile the history of this important
college of The University of Texas by the author and his forty-one
named associates, and many others unnamed, would run into
total hours in at least four digits.
This volume will immediately interest all ex-students, and
should be read by citizens of Texas whose taxes have paid for the
tremendous teaching and learning efforts expended over these


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